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Membership at Hope

Membership vows entail a strong spiritual commitment of your prayers, presence, gifts and service. Membership vows affirm the sacrament of baptism in which you were initiated into Christ's Holy Church. Membership vows reaffirm your faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and affirm your commitment to grow in discipleship. Through church membership you move from being a person who "comes to" church to being the people "who are" the church. 

Membership, therefore, is not to be entered into lightly. Hope's vision is be a welcoming community of Christ-followers, glorifying God by growing in faith and serving others. It is our desire that you would join our congregation with the desire to grow in your faith, while serving and welcoming others in the name of Christ.

Those who seek membership are to be willing to regularly attend worship services, become involved in a small group Bible study, and be to participate in a ministry of the church. Joining the church involves a commitment to live our lives on a deeper level, becoming part of a church community, that will support you in the spiritual growth process.

Membership Classes

Those seeking to become members must attend a membership class that is made up of several components designed to develop an informed understanding of what discipleship means and requires. You will review the history and beliefs of the UnitedMethodistChurch in general and the structure of Hope United Methodist in particular. You will learn about those Spiritual Disciplines that enable a growing relationship with Christ. You will bond with others who are also on this exciting spiritual journey!  Several three hour classes are offered per year. Please check below for the upcoming classes and register for the one that fits in your schedule. Childcare is provided.

Contact the Assistant to the Pastors, Lucy Trancho, to obtain more information, to make an appointment with Pastor Kelly W. Smith to discuss membership, or to register by calling (727) 372-4689 ext. 1020 or e-mail us at