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International Missions

International/Domestic Missions

Purpose of a Mission Trip:
  • Share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Fulfill the vision of Hope UMC, glorifying God by growing in faith and serving others.
  • To share a portion of our resources with those whose needs are far greater than our own.
  • Enable team members to live out their faith and to grow spiritually by sharing the Christian experience in a unique way.
  • To affirm our need to share mutually and more fully our faith and our resources by crossing the boundaries of a culturally diverse Church family.
  • To facilitate participants' involvement in faith-deepening experiences that will expand that person's understanding of the meaning of their own life.
  • Educate participants about the impact their actions and decisions have on underdeveloped areas.
  • To continue and be part of ongoing community and to extend the invitation to future participants.

Team Leader: Butch Howell -