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If you are a woman of any age, who attends Hope, did you know you are already a member of Women of Hope? It is the mission of Women of Hope to support and encourage all of the women of our church to grow and strengthen their walk with the Lord. We are pleased to announce that Nancy Burden ( and Sheila Donahue ( are stepping into the leadership roles for this women’s ministry. If you would like to become more involved please contact Nancy or Sheila.


If you are female and looking at this site, then you are now one of the Women of Hope! We want you to become part of the family of sisters and share in the fellowship.
WOMEN OF HOPE is a spirited ministry to women of all age groups who meet at Hope Church and throughout our community.  If you are a female and looking at this site, then we invite you to join us and become part of the family of Sister’s in Christ.  Come share your talents, testimony, gifts and joy!

Our Mission:

“The Women of Hope seek to support and encourage women to grow and strengthen their walk with the Lord, through Bible study and building relationships with other women in support of Hope UMC’s overall mission.”

Our Annual Events:

Valentine's Day Tea - Held each February, this event provides a fellowship opportunity for Christian women by sharing a journey in fun and faith during a tea luncheon.
Women's Day of Faith - Held in the Spring, this event helps women find Bible-based solutions to issues that we deal with every day.  It includes speakers with hearts focused on women and their needs along the way with drama, praise music, delicious food and more.
Women of Hope Bake Sales - Held twice a year during the Journey to Easter and the Fall Festival/Arts and Crafts Fair.  The money raised from the bake sales is donated to support our youth ministries to help support them in their walk with the Lord.
Bible Study / Small Groups - Held throughout the year, these are groups of 12 – 16 women who meet regularly to study the Bible and strengthen their relationship with God.  We encourage all women to get connected with a small group.

Upcoming Events:

Keep an eye on the Weekly Word, bulletins, our website calendar page, listen for announcements & check the Connection Center for other upcoming events.

How you can be involved? 

On Sundays stop by the Connection Center in the Narthex. 
E-mail Nancy Burden at or Sheila Donahue at and asked to be put on our distribution list.
Note on the Connection Card insert in the bulletin that you would like more information about our Women's Ministry.
Watch the Weekly Word and Bulletin for announcements on meetings and events.


Women of Hope, rejoice,
Come together with one voice.
Renew your faith, refresh your Spirit,
Rejoice in the Lord,
Women of Hope.
God has called us together
To lift each other up in prayer.
Sisters in Christ, one in heart and mind
We show each other we care.
We come as one to the Father
Seeking His forgiveness and love.
Trusting that He will set us free
And shower us with peace from above.
Women of Hope, rejoice.
Renew your faith, refresh your Spirit,
Rejoice in the Lord,
Women of Hope.
Judy Kennedy April 2001
Used with Permission