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We shall enable mission team members to effectively introduce unreached people to God by humbly and sacrificially serving in the way of Jesus Christ. In this way, we shall become a “world-minded” church!

If you would like more information about any of our mission ministries, please refer to the International and Local Missions pages on the left.

International Missions

Butch Howell
(727) 816-8684 

Meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of each month at the church beginning at 6:30pm

Local Missions

Jean Howell
(727) 816-8684

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday each month at the church beginning at 6:30pm

Purpose of Local Missions

 - To share the love of Jesus Christ through service of others in our local community.


Local Outreach Opportunities:

Volunteer Way

            For 16 years, Volunteer Way is a charitable organization helping vulnerable people who are slipping into poverty by supporting local food pantries, soup kitchens, churches, schools, Hospice organizations, residential programs for the mentally challenged, Free Clinics as well as other charities within our community.


Cold Weather Shelter

            Located at in New Port Richey area, the cold weather shelter is opened when the temperature drops to 36°. This shelter provides dinner, overnight accommodations and breakfast. 


Joining Hands Kid’s Camp

            Each summer, local missions teams up with other area churches to provide a week of fun and meals (breakfast & lunch) for homeless and at-risk children. For 2010, the program has expanded to include a half-day program throughout the entire summer break from public school


Summer Feeding Program (children & youth)

            The summer feeding program (hosted at Metropolitan MInistries of Pasco - formerly Joining Hands Community Missions and Community United Methodist Church) will serve lunch to 200 children each day who qualified for free lunches during the school year. This program is in tandem with the “Kid’s Camp” program.


Experience Bethlehem

            Utilizing over 300 volunteers, Hope UMC has provided the community with a living production of the birth of Jesus Christ. While reaching over 3,000 local residents with our production, we raise over 2 tons of donated food each year for local food pantries thus feeding thousands of families.


Support Our Troops

            Your local mission team takes an active part in “Support our Troops” a local organization that ships “care boxes” to our military personnel overseas. Each care package contains the standard needs like personal hygiene items, gum, candy, etc., but they also include special requests like coffee, sunscreen, art and writing supplies for the local children, etc. While donations are solicited by “Support our Troops”, $42.00 in postage is required to ship each box. Hope UMC local missions conducts fundraisers to support the need of postage for this worthwhile organization.


Food Barrel

            Local missions provides the congregation the opportunity to bring non-perishable food donations to church with the knowledge that all their donations will be transported to agencies within Pasco County which, in turn, distributes it to those in need.  


Coalition for the Homeless of Pasco County, Inc.

            Since 1988, the Coalition for the Homeless of Pasco County has assisted the homeless and those at risk of homelessness to gain self-sufficiency by providing advocacy and the coordination of capacity building through partnership within the community. The Coalition is a group of organizations and agencies that have joined forces and share this goal.


Holiday Center

            With 2010 being our fourth year, the Holiday Center provides Christmas for almost 800 Pasco County families by giving them not only food that they need but also providing activities for the children while the parent(s) “shop” for age-appropriate gifts.


Additional local mission resources:


To locate local needs of volunteers and donations within our own community, please click on the link below and you will be connected to “onecommUnity now” (an organization of church leaders who will accomplish the goal of uniting churches to fulfill unmet needs in West Pasco County).”


For more information on any opportunity within the local missions organizations, please contact Jean Howell at (727)816-8684 or by e-mailing her at

Please see all tabs (on the left, under International Missions) for more information. 

International/Domestic Missions

Purpose of a Mission Trip

·         Share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

·         Fulfill the vision of Hope UMC, glorifying God by growing in faith and serving others.

·         To share a portion of our resources with those whose needs are far greater than our own.

·         Enable team members to live out their faith and to grow spiritually by sharing the Christian experience in a unique way.

·         To affirm our need to share mutually and more fully our faith and our resources by crossing the boundaries of a culturally diverse Church family.

·         To facilitate participants' involvement in faith-deepening experiences that will expand that person's understanding of the meaning of their own life.

·         Educate participants about the impact their actions and decisions have on underdeveloped areas.

·         To continue and be part of ongoing community and to extend the invitation to future participants.

Recent Mission Trips


Summer, 2016 - Panama


Summer, 2015 - Honduras

Spring , 2014 - Honduras


Summer, 2013 to Honduras

Spring, 2010 and Summer, 2011


Summer, 2010

            Costa Rica

Summer, 2011


Summer, 2008

            Costa Rica

Upcoming Mission Trips

Summer, 2017 - Panama

Team Leader:Butch Howell