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Survey 2018

Women of Hope 2018 Needs Assessment Survey Summary

During March and April of 2018 women were invited to complete an on-line survey. The purpose of this survey was to get input on what events and activities would be of greatest interest to them.  We also wanted to learn if there are barriers that have interfered with participation in Women of Hope events. Eighty-two women completed at least one question on the survey.

Most respondents had attended one or more of these events: Valentine’s Day Tea (70%), Day of Faith (70%) Purse Auction (51%), Bunco (43%), and Women’s Retreat (22%). Only 15% had not attended any of the events. The most common reason provided for not attending any events was lack of time due to other commitments (work or family) (56% of those not attending).  Other barriers included not knowing about events in enough time to plan to attend, lack of child care, not thinking the event was for the respondent’s age group and not having any one to go with. These results reinforce the importance of publicizing events well in advance and they suggest that having women reach out to their peers to attend events together may encourage participation.

To guide future planning, women were asked to answer the question: “What do you hope to gain from Women of Hope events?” Five statements were provided and women were asked to rank each choice in the order of importance to them. “A deeper connection to my faith” was rated as their highest priority by 44% of respondents. “A way to deepen my faith while interacting with other women” was identified as their highest priority another 32%.  Together these two statements represent the highest priority for 76% of women answering the survey.  Younger and older women expressed similar priorities.The priorities expressed by the respondents for Women of Hope events echo the Women of Hope Mission Statement which is “The Women of Hope seek to support and encourage women to grow and strengthen their walk with the Lord, through Bible study and building relationships with other women in support of Hope UMC’s overall mission”. 

The survey also asked about small group membership. 68% of respondents indicated that they currently belong to a Hope UMC small group. Young women were less likely to be part of a small group. For all ages, lack of time was the most frequently identified reason for not being in a small group followed by family obligations and convenience of meeting times.

Women were asked what type of events or programs they would like to see Women of Hope offer. Some of the suggestions were for fellowship or programs which other groups within the Church might also wish to discuss. The full survey results are being shared with Church leadership for their consideration. Should you wish to have a more detailed report please send an email to

The leadership of the Women of Hope would like to thank all the women who took their time to complete the survey. We appreciate your effort and the input you provided which will help us better plan and implement ideas important to you. We will continue to work to offer programs that support the women of the Church. Thank-you!