Hope United Methodist Church

The Vision for Hope UMC is based upon the concept of three areas of ministry: Welcoming, Growing and Serving. Each of these areas of ministry are essential to our individual lives, as well as our life together as the church, the Body of Christ.


Hope is a Missional church - a church that sees its purpose for existing to serve those around us, developing disciples of Jesus Christ. We are not a church that primarily exists for ourselves, though we do serve one another as the Body of Christ, as we worship, study, pray and share our lives in community.


Our Vision and Mission statements clarify who we are, and who we are seeking to become.

As human beings, we all have a desire to be loved, appreciated, and accepted. That is the importance of our Welcoming Area of Ministry: to provide an environment where everyone knows they are welcomed and cared for. The ministries in this area focus on relationship building, fellowship, and community.

Along with belonging, we have a basic need to understand who God is, who we really are, and how we can live lives that both honor God and are satisfying and meaningful. The Growing Area of Ministry is focused upon becoming better disciples (followers) of Jesus Christ. It is here that we not only grow in our faith, we grow closer to God and we grow closer to those around us.

The third element, which is often overlooked, but essential to our Christian walk, is serving. We sometimes feel that ministry to others, whether it is teaching a class or serving a meal, is something we are not particularly equipped or gifted to do. We try to convince ourselves that we do not have the time, training, or resources to help those around us. Yet, to avoid serving others prevents us from helping them meet important needs in their lives and it robs us of the opportunity to be used by God and, as a result, to be blessed in the process. Many times people have had the intention of being in ministry to someone else, only to find that they themselves experienced a greater appreciation or understanding of the love and grace of God by being obedient in serving others. The Serving Area of Ministry is focused on helping us to use our gifts, talents, and treasures in ways that make a substantial, even eternal impact on the lives of others. 

Ecclesiastes 4:12 reads: "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." God's Word teaches us a basic truth: there is strength when we walk together in this journey of faith. There is strength when we adhere to all aspects of our faith through welcoming, growing and serving.

Like the rings in the image above, these three areas of ministry are interconnected and influence each other. Serving others helps us grow in our faith; Growing in our faith helps us love and welcome others; Welcoming others can often be done through serving their needs.

We hope that you will consider joining us at Hope, as together we seek to become a welcoming community of Christ-followers, who glorify God by growing in our faith while serving others.

         Welcoming, Growing, Serving...all in the name of Jesus.