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Refuge is mentioned many times in the Scriptures...

         ... so we latched on to those stories and instances to think together about what kind of youth group we want to be. 

         The first thing we found was the way that cities of refuge were set up in the Old Testament.  A place where, by law (intentionally,) you had the opportunity to start over... free from an overwhelming past, free from judgment, free to be who God intends you to be. 

          We also found the many many times that the scripture is clear that our refuge is found in the arms of our Loving God and in His Word and through The Spirit. 

          Finally, we noted that there were several stories where people took refuge from the harshness that the world was throwing their way and in that time huddled in a cave, like David, and like Elijah... It was in that place of refuge that God came so very close to them and empowered them to leave those caves to go out to a broken and dark world in order to bring the light.  

          We want to live into these ideals and principles as a community of Middle school and High school students and caring adults.  We want others to experience this family we have and to find their own refuge right here.

What you'll find us doing weekly...

         Well, our main time together is Sunday night refuge from 5:30-8pm.  We've got food, and random games, worship from our refuge band, a relevant message/talk/lesson, and also a small group time where the different age groups split up and debrief the message and share in community with one another.

         Also on Sunday mornings, we have a middle school Sunday school class @ 9:30 am.  Lessons designed to connect with students where they are and to promote discussion and growth.  

         Wednesday night Mid-week refuge 6-8pm is kind of a lower key way to connect halfway through the week.  Most of the time its games out back and a dive into a bible study made just for refuge!  Once a month we do head out on our community nights to serve in different capacities around our community.  

Check out the calendar page for more details and an idea of when we are getting together next.  

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