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We love Parents here at Refuge!!

Why you ask... well guess what.  Parents you are and always will be the biggest influence on your kid's lives.  Which means this isn't a ministry to teenagers... its a partnership with parents for their teens!  We see our role as one of support for the whole family... because kids are never an island.  

What do we do with that?

Well first, we hope you know you are invited to pretty much everything we are doing. (within reason of course, for some things its ok to give them space)

It means we want you around, without you and other dedicated parents this ministry wouldn't happen.  

We also want to make sure you know what's going on!  We've got a great weekly email, our Facebook page, Instagram, and our Text service... if there is a way to get the info out we are trying it!

So jump in where you feel comfortable... or maybe stretch yourself and do something new.

Parent Group

On Sunday's during our weekly gathering, there is an awesome group of parents that get together for sharing, learning, growth, laughs... and most of all community.  Don't just drop off your teen, stick around and make a connection with the group!