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Refuge Scholarship Policy

        Here at Refuge we strongly believe that money should never be the reason that a student is unable to go on a mission trip, retreat, or camp.  In order to best serve our families, we provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to individual students for specific events.  The application and awards of these scholarships are strictly confidential, only the staff members of the church necessary for the scholarship decision will have any information.   The following is how those scholarships are awarded and by what criteria the ministry chooses to award those scholarships.   

  • The Ask: We need to know, if you feel that a scholarship is in need for any of the qualifying youth activities you must take the time to speak with the youth minister about your needs and the activity in question.  We can't help if we don't know, and we want to help.
  •  Participation: A student should be actively participating in some aspect in the life of Hope United Methodist Church; whether that is the youth group, Sunday school, mid-week, or Sunday morning church.  Also greater priority will be given to students who regularly participate in service opportunities at Hope; such as Experience Bethlehem, Night of Hope, the Women’s Tea, the Service Op’s days, and the monthly service that the youth group does.   Finally, Parents should also be finding ways to be involved with the youth ministry and/or church.  We are a family around here and it takes all of us to make it all work
  • Need: Students with greater financial need are given priority; as well as families that have multiple students participating in the activity. 
  • Skin in the Game: Finally, we need to see due diligence on the part of the student and family.  Making sure to apply for other available Scholarship (Warren Willis summer camp), early sign up discounts, paying deposits on time, etc. 

The activities that scholarship can be applied toward are Missions trips, Summer Camp, and Retreats.  At times exceptions may be made for certain other activities, ultimately our goal is for every student who wants, that they have the ability to participate. 

Thank you

-Refuge Student Ministries