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We believe that we are called to make this world more like the kingdom of God... we do that by serving others and showing love and grace in practical ways to our community, church family, and the world.  


Local Community:

We do several things around our community on a regular basis from bi monthly dinners for under served communities, making bag lunches for folks who are homeless, heading to an assisted living facility to build relationships and being joy, and service op's where we do some work for someone who is unable to.  


Church Family:

When our church family gets together, we want to be right there with them serving alongside.  So for things like the pumpkin patch, Night for Hope, Experience Bethlehem, Women's Tea... and much more we are right in the thick of it helping them to be successful it what ever way we can.  


Global Mission:

We count global missions to be everything outside of our local community, that incudes our monthly sponsorship with Compassion International, Middle school and High school summer missions, Church Summer Mission to Central America.


And this is all evolving regularly as we find more ways to serve, to love.   Jump in and serve with us.

M25 Mission camps
Radius Camps
Next Step Missions