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Latest Sermon

In Christ

Rev. Kelly Smith | July 12, 2020

1. What does it mean by "We are not condemned because we belong to Christ?" 2. What assurance does that bring? 3. What things cause us to doubt our salvation? 4. How does our struggle with sin make assurance difficult? 5. Why is knowing that...

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At Hope I find...

Depth and real people... because through people I've connected with I have been able to realize that its ok to not have all the answers and better yet when you connect with something bigger than yourself you aren't ever going to get all the answers. -J.H.

Renewal and rebirth... because every week I find connection with old and new friends and spiritual renewal in the services and message. -S.O.

Fellowship with others in faith... Because I can find a safe place to be vulnerable and open up to caring friends. And together we can grow closer to God. -B.B.

A family of Love in action... Because we can focus on sharing God's love with others and the community through service and missions, putting the Word into action. -K.M.

Our Blog

A Vision of Hope

Rev. Kelly Smith | January 2, 2020

At Hope, our Vision and Mission call us to be connected - with God, each other, and our community, and to become mature followers of Jesus Christ.   Those words are...

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A View from the Pew with Lew

Lew Arnold | December 18, 2019

As I look to 2020, what comes to mind and heart is a passion to work toward a deeper connection with God and with others.  To do that, my plan is to focus on three...

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