Staff & Leadership

Profile image of Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith

Senior Pastor

Office: 727-372-4689 x 1050

Profile image of Amie Kirby

Amie Kirby

Children & Youth Director

Office: 727-372-4689 x1040

Profile image of Kristin Keller-Ippolito

Kristin Keller-Ippolito

Pastoral Asst & Communications Specialist

Office: 727-372-4689 x 1020

Profile image of Lisa Pizzolato

Lisa Pizzolato

Hope N' Play Preschool Director

Office: 727-372-4689 x 1080

Profile image of David Kosinski

David Kosinski

Worship Technology


Profile image of Cap Rocap

Cap Rocap

Worship Leader


Profile image of Corlene Swanski - Agos

Corlene Swanski - Agos

Financial Secretary

Office: 727-372-4689 x 1070

Profile image of Renee Morgan

Renee Morgan

Connections Leader

Office: 727-372-4689


Church Leadership & Committees

Hope is committed to sharing the burden of leadership across our congregation.  We have three leadership committees that really dive into the details of running the church.  And we have multiple other committees that take point on smaller projects and ministries.  

Link to leadership and committees