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A View from the Pew with Lew

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As I look to 2020, what comes to mind and heart is a passion to work toward a deeper connection with God and with others.  To do that, my plan is to focus on three areas of activity.

Firstly, it will be to be intentional in actively responding to a desire that I have for a deeper awareness and understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ. I will accomplish this, primarily through reading and sharing what others have said about Jesus and what he said about himself.  It is my plan to regularly participate in a small group study of His story or what some have come to call “Bible Study.” Hearing and doing the word of Jesus gives meaning, purpose, and inspiration to my walk of faith and that is my prayer for others. 

What I have learned about the story of Jesus so far, through such activities is that Jesus’ vision for faith and religion is far more than just a set of ideas. Life, as Jesus lived and talked about it, includes a heavy emphasis on community and using our talents in caring for others. That means that I will be intentional in joining the work of the church both locally and internationally through what people have come to call mission: Addressing the needs of those less fortunate than myself as well as working to change our community and world for the better.

Lastly, I believe that we need to be invested in the life of that place we all sacred, our own local church. Deeply engaging with what Jesus has to say about who we are and who’s we are maybe the truest way for us to understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us. In 2020 I want to work for the health and life of our faith community to be the place where we learn, and then use what we have learned to connect with others.

 I once heard a speaker say that when we place God at the center of our lives as we draw closer to God like spokes on a wheel we cannot help to draw closer to each other.  I look forward to the shared experiences of God and sharing the love of Jesus.

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