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A Vision of Hope

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At Hope, our Vision and Mission call us to be connected - with God, each other, and our community, and to become mature followers of Jesus Christ.
Those words are not placed together by mistake or chance. Connection with God begins with a desire to know God - His love, mercy, and grace. That can be accomplished in various ways, but at Hope, we see two primary ways of doing that through worship and small group participation. 
That leads us to the second way we are seeking to be connected - with each other. We can try to be faithful on our own, but in reality, we are more likely to grow in faith and action if we have developed trusted relationships with others who are also seeking to follow Jesus Christ. The church, after all, is God’s creation, for us, so that we can “do life” together, which is reminiscent of God’s recognition that when Adam was alone in the garden, it “was not good”. We were created for relationship with God and each other.
As a natural result of being connected with God and others, we are commanded by Jesus to go out into the world and make disciples of those around us. That connection can find itself in the form of service as well as a conversation - and both are usually found together. 
Being connected with God, each other, and our community helps us each to mature in our faith. We need each component to become a complete follower of Jesus - we cannot simply attend worship, or a bible study - and expect to be a complete follower since Jesus told us to learn of Him and serve one another.
At Hope, our desire is to become mature followers, through loving God, each other, and the world around us. And we invite you to join us!


You Are Loved,


Kelly W. Smith

Senior Pastor, Hope UMC

<(((((>< “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of salvation for all who believe.”
(Romans 16:1)
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